Chicken Connoisseur unveils 'New York Spesh' video after jetting to US

Mark Chandler
The Chicken Connoisseur: Sampling the goods in New York: Chicken Connoisseur

A Londoner who conquered the internet with his reviews of the capital’s chicken shops has jetted off to the US in a bid to find New York’s “pengest munch”.

The Chicken Connoisseur has amassed millions of views on YouTube for his trips, where he provides a hilarious rolling commentary on a meal of wings, burger and chips before dishing out scores.

This week the self-described “food critic for the mandem” posted a video of his trip to the Big Apple, where he was invited by rapper A$AP Bari to sample the goods.

The 23-year-old teased followers last month with a clip of him standing in the snow, yellow taxis in the background, and introduced his New York Spesh this week with an apology.

“Yo! Sorry to the loyal peopledem for taking long to drop this,” he wrote online.

“Editor had bare footage to run through, but the ting's here now!”

At Texas Chicken in Harlem, he was especially keen on the burger, holding it up to the camera.

He raved: “See all the orange bits in there? Bossman marinated the ting earlier.

“He didn’t go skimpy on that paprika. He dished it out, plenty, plenty.”

The restaurant managed a 4.2 rating, despite the wings being so crunchy they were “dangerous”.

From there it was a ride down to Kennedy Chicken in the Bronx, where the thrifty connoisseur hit out at the price of six wings.

“Six wings for five dollars,” he said. “Four pounds for six wings. Are you dumb?

“When you’ve got p's like my man these tings, they don’t matter.

“But obviously if man’s out here, JSA vibes, it’s all peak.”

Change of scene: The Chicken Connoisseur in New York (Chicken Connoisseur)

And he claimed the food did not live up the prices, with chicken so chewy it was like “jerky” and a burger comprising of a “skinny piece of reconstituted fake chicken”.

“Nah, it’s just dead fam,” he concluded. “That don’t deserve a second bite.”

Finally, they made it the Brooklyn projects for a trip to rap superstar Jay-Z’s old local, Crown Fried Chicken.

The chips were described as “emotional”. “So far in my life I can’t say I’ve had better chips,” he raved.

But the wings were “bland” and the burger had too much bun for the Londoner’s liking.

The video ends with his friend informing one of A$AP Bari's friends that their videos get over one million hits each.

“Never heard of no s*** like that in my life, but if it’s working, let it work,” the amazed man says.

Back in the capital, the conoisseur’s reviews have been blamed for ramping up prices at some London outlets.

The Standard revealed last month that some regulars had complained of a stampede of hipsters at places like Eden’s in Finsbury Park.