Chicken predicts England will beat Ukraine in must-win Euro 2020 match

Fans around the country can take heart, as a chicken in England predicted that Gareth Southgate's team will win its Euro 2020 match against Ukraine today (3 July). The football-forecasting poultry picked the English by selecting the strawberry under an England flag, rather than one under a Ukrainian flag, at its farm in Orpington, Kent The chicken, Jessica, is a two-year-old former battery hen that its current owners rescued. This is her first attempt at predicting a major sports event. Her owner said: "We have every confidence in her. (But) We both know she may be our Sunday roast if she gets the wrong result tonight!" Her sister, Susan, can be seen trampling on the Ukrainian flag -- further grounds for believing the English will triumph, according to those witnessing the scene. The feathered forecaster follows in the footsteps of Paul, an octopus at a German zoo that correctly predicted a number of matches in the 2010 World Cup.

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