Chiefs welcome plans to slash speed limit after one was nearly hit by car TWICE

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The Avenue and Bassett Avenue could be subject to a full-time 30mph speed limit
The Avenue and Bassett Avenue could be subject to a full-time 30mph speed limit

POLITICIANS are welcoming plans to slash the speed limit on a major Southampton route after one was nearly run over on two occasions.

The city council has launched a formal consultation to restrict drivers along the A33 (Bassett Avenue and The Avenue) and adjoining roads to 30mph.

Currently, there are temporary speed limits on the corridor, which has historically experienced a high number of road traffic collisions.

But the consultation also seeks to limit speeds on Bassett Green Road and Bassett Wood Road. Both are currently subject to 40mph limits.

Cllr David Shields, who has had two near misses in the area, said: "I feel quite strongly about this. I visit my elderly mother who lives just off the Avenue on a daily basis.

Cllr Dave Shields at Solent Flour Mills
Cllr Dave Shields at Solent Flour Mills

Cllr Dave Shields at Solent Flour Mills

"The stretch of the Avenue between Lodge Road and College Place can be very hazardous with some reckless motorists frequently exceeding the existing speed limits.

"I have nearly been run over twice when using the pedestrian crossings by St Edmunds Church and Archers Road where motorists ignored red lights.

"So I would fully support a move to reduce speed limits along the Avenue with the proviso that effective enforcement measures (including speed cameras) are also introduced."

A legal consultation on the proposals is now open and will enable wider resident, user and stakeholder feedback to be considered.

Ward councillor John Hannides said: "The new Conservative administration are investing record amounts in road safety initiatives across the city, including more 20mph limits on residential roads and the option of reducing speeds from 40 mph to 30mph on The Avenue, Bassett Avenue, Bassett Green Road and Bassett Wood Road.

"Many residents have been urging the council to introduce these changes for many years. I am very pleased they now have the opportunity to be consulted on these proposals."

Cllr Lisa Mitchell added: "I think keeping the 30mph on this stretch is a good idea as it will improve road safety on a busy road.

"Many local residents have said that they support the 30mph limit staying as they feel safer walking and cycling in the area since it's been implemented."

The scheme forms part of a wider package of road safety improvements being delivered in the local area, including the potential introduction of 20mph speed limits and traffic calming measures in the Flowers Estate.

The consultation is running until February 11 and can be accessed on the council’s transport website.

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