Child asks Santa for food and a home in heartbreaking Christmas letter

The letter to Father Christmas written by a seven-year-old child

A child from Liverpool has written a poignant letter to Santa asking him to provide her family with a home and food for Christmas.

The letter was found at the L6 Community Centre in the city after it was left in a Christmas post box in the cafe when they began decorating for the festive season.

The post box was left out for children who visit the centre to post their Christmas wishes.

In the letter, the child says: "Dear Father Christmas. Can you help?

"Can we have a home for Christmas? Mam wants us to be all together. Can you give us some food and can I have just a nice doll for Christmas?

"Thank you."

A copy of the letter was posted on Twitter by a local Labour councillor, Gerard Woodhouse, who said: "I stopped by yesterday, and I opened the post box and saw the letter there. It was so upsetting to read.

"I know the children, and it's not right that a seven-year-old child is worrying about Christmas in November.

There is no one around to support these children."

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Despite the seemingly desperate nature of the letter, Mr Woodhouse said he is not surprised by it.

"It's only going to get worse," he said.

"A few weeks ago we were sitting down with a few of the kids from the centre. One child said, 'I just want to be warm this Christmas'. These kids know their parents have not got the money this year for presents.

"We are seeing first-hand how difficult it is, and it is just so upsetting."

Mr Woodhouse added that the team at the community centre are trying to help the family, with talks of them being put up in a hotel for Christmas Day.

At the moment, the children currently live with a relative.

After the letter was posted online, an outpouring of support followed, with people offering toys or volunteering their time to help the centre.

The centre describes itself as in the "heart of Everton-supporting community [in] north Liverpool to try and make a difference for the young and old".

Poverty in Liverpool is higher than the UK average, with 29% of children in the city living below the breadline once housing costs are taken into consideration - according to a 2018 House of Commons report.