Child Dangles From Chairlift After Slipping From Seat at Saskatchewan Ski Resort

A boy escaped injury after he slipped from the seat of a chairlift and had to hang onto the side of the car as it progressed up a mountain at a Saskatchewan ski resort on March 6.

The boy, identified by CTV as Liam Gratton, 12, said a quick move that involved adjusting the lift bar resulted in him almost falling from the chairlift.

Gratton told CTV he grabbed on to whatever he could and managed to wrap his arm and elbow around the edge of the chairlift and the safety bar, which saved him from falling.

Footage by Aaron Arcand, who was in the car behind, shows Gratton hanging on as the lift moved along at Table Mountain Regional Park in North Battleford.

Arcand says in the video that the boy held on for almost two minutes.

Arcand wrote in an Instagram post, “This boy held on all the way to the top. Thank God he didn’t get hurt.”

Storyful has contacted Table Mountain for comment. According to CTV, Table Mountain’s general manager Lawrence Blouin said he’s thankful the boy was able to grab on. “It could have been a very serious incident,” Blouin said.

“Our ski patrol is probably going to be more vigilant … we try to encourage people, the signs are there," Blouin told CTV. "They are supposed to lower the safety bar.” Credit: Aaron Arcand via Storyful