Child Destroys £10,000 Lego Statue That Artist Spent THREE DAYS Building


An artist who spent three days building a £10,000 LEGO statue was devastated after a child knocked it to pieces in a matter of seconds.

The man, known only as Zhao, worked tirelessly to create a life-sized sculpture of Nick Wilde, a character from the hugely-successful Disney movie Zootropolis.

Proudly displaying his work at a LEGO exhibition in Ningbo, China, the 22-year-old was ecstatic at the results, having not slept for three days.


Life-sized: The LEGO model was on display in a shopping centre (CEN)


Proud: The artist had spent three days on his creation (CEN)

However, his dreams of having his work on public display in the shopping centre literally shattered to pieces when a a young boy pushed it over, destroying it instantly.

The sculpture, which had a ‘no touching’ sign placed up beside it, had been up less than an hour before it came crashing down.

Zhao wrote on Weibo, the Chinese version of Twitter: “An hour after the exhibition opened, a boy aged four to five pushed Nick and he fell to the ground and smashed into pieces.”


No sleep: Zhao’s creation was worked on painstakingly (CEN)


Costly: The statue was worth around £10,000 (CEN)

He added that he was “heartbroken” by the destruction of the statue, that contained 10,000 LEGO bricks.

The father of the boy apologised to Zhao and offered him money as compensation but the part-time artist refused, telling local media that “the child didn’t do it deliberately”.

Top pic: CEN

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