Child Lifts Spirits on Delayed Flight With Stunning Rendition of Backstreet Boys Hit

A delayed flight turned into an impromptu concert earlier this summer when a child on a Dallas-bound plane serenaded her fellow passengers with a rendition of the Backstreet Boys hit ‘I Want It That Way’.

Sydni Ellis recorded the girl’s uplifting performance and tweeted the video on June 14.

The flight was delayed about two and a half hours, Ellis said, because of a computer systems issue with Southwest Airlines.

“At one point, a passenger named Trinity got up to offer some amazing … entertainment! All the passengers were clapping and cheering for her,” Ellis said.

Partway through the video, Trinity forgets the words to a later verse, but the passengers encourage her nonetheless. “I don’t know the rest of that part,” Trinity says, to a chorus of good-natured laughs from the other passengers. Credit: Sydni Ellis via Storyful

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