Children’s care home to be created in semi-detached property in Rotherham despite concerns

A children's care home is proposed on Hunger Hill Road in Whiston, Rotherham. (Photo: RMBC)
A children's care home is proposed on Hunger Hill Road in Whiston, Rotherham. (Photo: RMBC)

Rotherham Council’s planning board has this morning (September 21) heard how a developer would convert a residential property into a children’s care home to house “one child at a time with learning disabilities” on Hunger Hill Road, Whiston.

The applicant stated that up to two staff members would be present at the property.

In a report, the applicant added: “There will be one child supported at the property with two staff.

“Staff will work long days 07:00 – 22:00, with one staff staying overnight, the second one waking night support worker leaves in the morning at 07:00 to be replaced by someone who will work a long day.

“If there is any movement during the day it would be with the child using one of the support worker’s cars. All vehicles will be parked on the drive. Movements will just be like in any other household.”

Nine letters of objection were submitted to the committee, arguing that “the site is not suitable for children with special needs” and parking would be an issue.

At this morning’s planning meeting, the applicant said they came up with the idea due to the lack of “services” and the long waiting lists.

He said: “We would like to be good neighbours so we will try and make sure that there is no disruption in the local community.”

When asked about the children, he added they mostly had children aged between eight to 16 referred to them and they were from Rotherham.

One of the objectors told the board that the house – a four-bed property – should be utilised as “a family home” as per the local plan in Whiston.

She also raised the issue of increased traffic and parking around the site.

Another resident said the proposal was causing “distress, worry and anxiety” to residents on the road.

Coun Eve Rose Keenan asked whether the applicant could raise the number of residents in the care home but Ms Emma Ottewell, the presenting officer, said there was a condition restriction, therefore if the applicant wished to increase the number of children, they would need to come back to planning.

The proposal was granted permission by nine councillors voting for it with Coun Simon Ball abstaining.