Children Climb Out of School Bus Windows Along Busy Intersection in Western Georgia

Children were seen climbing out of the windows of a school bus stopped along a busy intersection in Paulding County, Georgia, on January 18.

Video recorded by Patience Sierra Bohanan captures the commotion, as children are seen exiting the bus through the windows and into the hands of adults in the area. At one point, adults are seen banging on the school bus doors.

Local news reported an altercation between a parent and the substitute driver prior to the incident.

A statement released by the Paulding County School District clarified that an “Allgood Elementary School bus was being driven by a substitute driver” and that the “driver has been suspended pending an internal investigation.” The statement also added that “all students eventually arrived home safely,” according to reports. Credit: Patience Sierra Bohanan via Storyful

Video transcript


- No! You can't do that! you can't do that! Get back on the bus! Stop!



Hurry up! Get on the bus!


- What the--

- Hold under his head!



- Oh my God. What is going on?




- Oh my God.


- Go! Go! Go!


She's got them kids on the goddamn camera!

- They're off the bus!

- Bitch I'm not letting no bus go!

- Did you call?



- Help them!



- I'll beat you right [? down! ?]

- Call them! Call them!


- Come on!

- Just be patient, please wait just another minute?

- Come on!

- Thank you.

- Come on!