Chill cat enjoys vibing in a DOLL'S SWING TOY

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This is the heart-warming moment a cute kitty cat climbed into a doll's swing toy with hilarious results. 

Adorable kitten Kuzya has a fascination with his family's tiny swing chair and can often be found simply vibing in the toy. 

Svetlana Arakcheeva, 30, began filming Kuzya's antics and sharing them on social media.

Medical Assistant Svetlana, from Penza, Russia, said: "Our cat Kuzya often likes to ride our doll swing. I decided to shoot him on video.

"Kuzya is only one-year-old. He is an ordinary russian breed.The video shows how he tries to fit into the dolls swing. It was very funny.

"We always think Kuzya won't fit and fall off, but she always manages it."