Chilling ISIS threat made ahead of Paris Olympics

A chilling bomb threat has appeared on a website often used by ISIS. The post suggests the 2024 Summer Olympic Games in Paris could be a potential target.

A picture was reportedly shared by operatives for the terror group featuring the Eiffel Tower. A faceless person could be seen operating a drone carrying a package marked 'gift' towards it, the Mirror reports.

A caption accompanying the image read: "Lone wolves' Olympics have begun with the Will of Allah." The post was shared on a website called al-Ru’ud (al-Raud), which ISIS has previously used to make threats.

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People had already been warned the opening ceremony for the forthcoming event could be "limited" amid terror attack fears. President Emmanuel Macron said July's showpiece event could be "limited to the Trocadéro" or "even moved to the Stade de France" as a "precaution".

Macron declared: "We will analyse this in real time. This opening ceremony is a world first. We can do it and we are going to do it."