Chilling moment deadly cobra slithers into home as man sleeps on floor

This is the terrifying moment a deadly king cobra slithered into a home while a man was lying on the floor. Phatthabon Thueanwon, 30, was playing with his phone in the front room of the family home in Trat, southern Thailand, on April 13, when the snake emerged. CCTV shows how the serpent scaled a wooden barrier put in place to stop their pet dogs from escaping before making a beeline for the napping man – seemingly poised to strike. Phatthabon heard a scary hissing noise before glancing up and noticing the black cobra staring at him just 30cm from his left foot. He then leapt up screaming ‘snake’ and ran into the kitchen to hide. Phatthabon said: ‘I was looking at my phone so didn’t notice the snake coming into my home. I heard the hissing sound first then looked up and saw it. ‘My heart jumped and I ran away as fast as I could. I could see the shape of the snake’s head so I knew it was dangerous.’ Phatthabon called the emergency services and snake wranglers arrived to catch the cobra and return it to the jungle far away from the house.