Chilling reason whistling is banned near UK's most evil killer's glass cage

Maudsley would loudly play rock music to "annoy" Bronson
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A notorious killer, who is allegedly kept in a glass cage beneath the infamous HMP Wakefield, is said to be provoked by the sound of whistling.

Robert Maudsley, now 70, was found guilty of murder back in 1974 and has since spent 45 years in solitary confinement. He's currently held at HMP Wakefield, a category A men's prison in Yorkshire, often referred to as the 'Monster Mansion' due to the number of high-profile criminals it houses.

The prison's roster of current and past inmates includes Ian Watkins, Roy Whiting, Ian Huntley, Harold Shipman, and Charles Bronson. Bronson, another notorious inmate, reportedly "hated" Maudsley and knew all too well about his aversion to whistling.

In the new book 'Inside Wakefield Prison: Life Behind Bars in the Monster Mansion', authors Jonathan Levi and Emma French explore the chilling reasons behind Maudsley's intense reaction to what many would consider a harmless activity.

A prison insider named Jo shared with the authors: "His mother was vile to him. It's said she locked him in the cupboard and whistled..", reports the Mirror.

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They added: "I remember going on the CSC and it wasn't my wing: I was on C wing and then I changed over to the A wing for about two and a half years.

"I'd come from New Hall. I was walking, whistling and they were saying, 'Ma'am, you can't whistle'. I said, 'You what? You're telling me not to whistle because it upsets a con?'.

"It was just weird. He hated Bronson and Bronson hated him. Bronson used to whistle sometimes."

Maudsley, also known as "Hannibal the Cannibal" and "The Brain Eater" after reports falsely stated he ate part of the brain of one of the men he killed in prison, reportedly had a feud with Bronson, who is known as one of the UK's most violent offenders, with the pair tormenting each other behind bars.

The authors described how Maudsley would loudly play rock music to "annoy" Bronson, who would "shout" at the killer as the music would be audible through the cell walls, but Maudsley would ignore him.

Bronson was later transferred to HMP Woodhill and bizarrely sent Maudsley a watch as a present. It was then rejected by Maudsley, who instructed a prison guard to throw it in the bin.

After learning about this dismissal, Bronson was furious, calling Maudsley "an ungrateful b***ard."

He then threatened him, saying: "I pray to one day bump into him at 300mph and, unlike him, I don't need a blade."

Maudsley's initial conviction came after he throttled paedophile John Farrell in Wood Green, London, after the child molester showed Maudsley photos of children he had sexually abused.

He was considered unfit to stand trial and was sent to the notorious Broadmoor Hospital, and in 1977, Maudsley and fellow inmate David Cheeseman tortured child molester David Francis to death over nine hours.

He later strangled and stabbed Salney Darwood and then stabbed paedophile Bill Roberts. Maudsley was then given a life sentence and was later reportedly placed in a Perspex box in the basement for 23 hours a day.