New chilling 'signs of life' in eerie ravine where missing teen Jay Slater vanished

The barren and daunting ravine where 19 year old apprentice bricklayer Jay Slater disappeared still shows 'eerie signs of life'. Jay vanished on June 17 while holidaying in the remote Rural de Teno area of Tenerife for a three-day music festival with friends.

He left his group to stay at a quiet Airbnb with two other festival-goers and attempted to walk back to his accommodation that morning.

Embarking on a perilous 11-hour journey on foot, Jay called a friend to inform her that his phone battery was down to one percent, he was thirsty, and had injured his leg on a cactus. His phone last sent a signal from somewhere in the mountainous region near the village of Masca, which became the focus of the Spanish police's search before it was officially called off last Sunday.


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Despite this, Jay's family and friends have persisted in their search, aided by a former British detective. Journalists have also shared their experiences of the harsh landscape.

Fred Kelly, writing for MailOnline, said: "Sharp-needled cacti grow higher than a man's head and there's no sound other than the noise of geckos scuttling in the undergrowth and the distant howl of the wind above the ravine.", reports the Mirror.

Uncovering haunting remnants of past presence, he said: "In a sinister twist, the Mail found eerie signs of life in one of two ruined homesteads in the ravine: shoelaces tied with twigs to form haunting symbols like something out of a horror film, empty water bottles, and - most strange of all - a set of clean women's clothes."

Masca Tenerife
Mirador Crux de Hilda Mirador viewpoint, Masca, Tenerife. This area in the Teno Rural Park was where Jays phone had pinged it's last GPS position before he went missing. -Credit:Stan Kujawa

TikTok influencer and amateur mountaineer Paul Arnott, who has joined the search for Jay in Tenerife, revealed a potentially significant find on Monday. The 29 year old, supported by Jay's devastated mother Debbie and maintaining regular contact with the family, indicated that a pair of damaged sunglasses, similar to those Jay was known to wear, might be an important lead.

On TikTok, Mr Arnott said: "Moving forward a lot of new things have come out due to interviews. There are quite a few things I'm gonna chase up today as well. One is a three-word GPS. The other, apart from that, is a pair of sunglasses that were found by a man called Chris, who I'll be meeting up with later today."

Jay's father Warren had previously expressed his concerns about the family searching the treacherous ravine themselves, citing "how dangerous it is". He said: "These are big mountains, the terrain is dangerous", and further commented: "It's tough, it's hard."

Jay's family
Jay Slater’s dad Warren Slater and brother Zak on the mountain track where Jay’s phone position was last located in a previously searched by police and volunteers. -Credit:Stan Kujawa

However, after the Civil Guard called off their active search, the family has persisted in their efforts to locate him.

Warren said on Wednesday: "We've been all the way down. We've walked as far as you can until it's too dangerous."

He continued: "This is where his phone last pinged. This was the valley and I've come to the point of no return. We followed the path all the way down the valley. If I had mountain boots on and some ropes I would go for it, but I can't do it in Adidas sandals."