China is getting rid of rubbish using drones equipped with flame throwers

Clearing up rubbish is probably not the most exciting thing in the world – unless you have control of a flame-throwing drone.

Several companies in China have decided to tackle the very real problem of garbage hanging on power lines by flying the drones up their level and setting fire to them.

Looking like something out of a futuristic sci fi movie, the ones shoot fire out of them to get rid of things like kites and balloons that have become tangled up with wires.

The drones shoot fire at the rubbish that is caught up on power lines (Weibo)
The drones shoot fire at the rubbish that is caught up on power lines (Weibo)

The flames can reach temperatures of 400C, according to

Zhang Han, a team member in charge of utilities maintenance in Xiangyang, said: “The flames occur spontaneously, and most of the things that hang upon power lines are usually plastic.

“They usually burn immediately after, so there is no damage.”

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The whole process – from setting up the drone to burning the rubbish – take around 15 minutes, according to radio station Voice of Xiangyang.

Despite how dangerous it all appears to be – what with hot flames near power wires, and all – there is apparently no risk as the wires are made out of aluminium-coated steel.

Somehow we can’t see them catching on in the UK.

Top pic: Weibo