Going nowhere: Homeowner left on 'house island' after refusing to budge when authorities built new road around block

Chris Parsons
News Editor

A stubborn China homeowner who refused to move house from the site of a road development has seen her building become an island surrounded by new tarmac.

The owner of a property inside the three-storey building in Zhangzhou City, Fujian Province, was determined to stay put when the local government planned a new road through her home.

And when the authorities began laying the road surface on her street, the resident, named only as Ms Abao, stuck to her guns to the bitter end.

As a result, the building where she lives remains in place, but is now situated on an ‘island’ surrounded by the freshly-completed road surface.

There were said to be 20 families living in the building, but all other residents moved out except Abao and her family.

The stubborn homeowner said she wasn’t satisfied with the compensation offered by the local government, so opted to stay put.

The bizarre sight is the latest example of a ‘nail house’, where residents refuse to move as construction projects begin around them.

Also known as ‘holdouts’, there are dozens still in place around Europe, as well as in China and the US.