China's top diplomat reiterates calls for dialogue over Ukraine crisis

Munich Security Conference (MSC) in Munich

(Reuters) - China has "neither stood by idly nor thrown fuel on the fire" regarding the crisis in Ukraine, and continues to call for peace and dialogue, top diplomat Wang Yi said at the Munich Security Conference on Saturday.

"I suggest that everybody starts to think calmly, especially friends in Europe, about what kind of efforts we can make to stop this war," said Wang, the director of the Office of the Foreign Affairs Commission of the Communist Party of China (CPC) Central Committee.

Wang also said there were "some forces that seemingly don't want negotiations to succeed, or for the war to end soon," without specifying to whom he was referring.

China will set out its position on settling the Ukraine crisis in a document that will state all countries' territorial integrity must be respected, Wang said.

Asked to reassure the audience that military escalation was not imminent over the Taiwan Strait, Wang said Taiwan "independence forces" are incompatible with peace.

China claims democratically ruled Taiwan as its own.

"If we want to maintain peace across the Taiwan Strait, we must resolutely oppose Taiwan independence, and we must resolutely maintain the one-China policy."

(Reporting by David Kirton in Shenzhen, China, Ryan Woo in Beijing and Laura Lin in Shanghai; editing by Jason Neely)