China's zero-Covid rollback: Changes bring relief but also anxiety over spread

China has now relaxed many of its Covid restrictions, removing requirements for PCR tests in many places and allowing people to isolate at home. The new measures come following a wave of anti-lockdown protests. Although the changes have been welcomed, there's also concern that Covid will spread among a population where many elderly people are not vaccinated. FRANCE 24's former Hong Kong correspondent Oliver Farry gives us his insight into the situation.

Meanwhile, in Mongolia's capital Ulaanbaatar, students and other protesters have been demonstrating outside the parliament for days, accusing the government of corruption. The recent discovery that hundreds of thousands of tonnes of coal went missing between 2013 and 2019 has fuelled rising public discontent over inflation and inequality.

Finally, bird calls and songs are big business in Indonesia. The nation's love for bird singing contests drives a multi-million-euro industry, from breeding to sales to coaching. Activists, however, are warning that the sport is also fuelling the illegal wildlife trade. Our regional correspondents report from Surabaya in East Java.

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