Chinese Cosmetics Product Becomes Popular in Cosmetics Circle of Japan, Cosmetics Brand Florasis Appears on Shibuya Screen in Tokyo

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In recent years, Chinese makeup and cosmetics products have become popular in the beauty circle of Japan, among which the Chinese brand "Florasis" has attracted much attention.

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Florasis' latest series of cosmetics products appeared on Shibuya Screen in Tokyo, and has become widely known. Founded in 2017, Florasis is a cosmetics brand that takes the inheritance and promotion of Eastern aesthetics as its own mission. At present, it is growing at a high speed in China and its annual sales are expected to exceed 500 million US dollars in 2020.

The product appeared on Shibuya Screen was Chinese Miao Ethnic Minority Silver Limited Collection, which is the result of the cooperation between Florasis, Li Jiaqi, a well-known Chinese fashion anchor, and Miao silver ornament craftsmen. It shows the beauty of the Miao silver ornaments of China and is of great significance for inheritance.

Consumers who are familiar with cosmetics in China must be familiar with Florasis. As early as last year, when Florasis products appeared on Japan's Twitter, they rushed to the seventh place on the Twitter search list. Many influencers such as 鹿の間 praised their exquisite workmanship and excellent quality. Some consumers even said, "I would go to China to buy Florasis products!" China Beauty has become a hit. Therefore, Florasis products are well-known in China’s beauty circle. It is reported that Florasis will soon be sold in Japan.

It is understood that the inspiration for Chinese Miao Ethnic Minority Silver Limited Collection came from Miao, one of China's ethnic minorities. Miao is an ethnic group that is good at making exquisite silver ornaments and embroidery, which need to go through many processes and can only be made by hand. However, with the development of modern industry, Miao silver techniques are also facing the difficulty of inheritance. Therefore, Florasis puts Miao silver patterns on cosmetics to let more people know that China has such exquisite ethnic silver ornaments, which also reflects the ethnic beauty of China.

Looking at the previous cosmetics products of Florasis, it is easy to find that Florasis has been committed to spreading Chinese culture. The cosmetics products it has launched have all replicated Chinese traditional techniques, showing exquisite cosmetics and superb manufacturing techniques. The height of Chinese cosmetics is being redefined by Florasis as it has been updating Japanese consumers’ understanding of Chinese cosmetics.

The fundamental reason why Florasis cosmetics is well received by Japanese consumers and has appeared on Shibuya Screen is that it represents the beauty of the Chinese nation. Today, with diversified aesthetics, the ethnic beauty is more attractive and warm.

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