Chinese firefighters free boy trapped inside claw machine after he climbed inside for toys

Firefighters freed a seven-year-old boy from a claw machine after he climbed inside for toys and got stuck at a Chinese supermarket.

The video, filmed in the city of Zhongshan in southern China's Guangdong Province on December 1, shows firefighters managing to tear down the glass door on the claw machine to save the boy.

According to reports, the boy climbed into the claw machine to get the toys when his mum wasn't looking. But he then couldn't get out of the machine and became trapped inside.

Since the worker who had the key for the claw machine could not come back immediately and the firemen were afraid that the boy would be left without air, they decided to use the tools to tear down the machine.

Finally, firefighters opened the glass door and took the boy out of it. Fortunately, the boy was not injured.