Chinese fireman lowered upside down into well to rescue trapped 4-year-old

A heroic fireman was lowered upside down into a 0.5-metre-diameter and 8-metre-deep abandoned well to save a 4-year-old boy trapped inside in northern China. In the video, shot in the city of Renqiu in Hebei Province on March 12, a fireman used a shovel to dig the mud away from a well. Another fireman tied by safety ropes was then lowered down into the narrow and deep well upside down to rescue the trapped boy. According to reports, the road underneath the boy suddenly collapsed when he was playing, causing him to drop into the well. Five fire engines and 30 firefighters were sent to the site to rescue the boy. The firefighters delivered oxygen down into the well continuously and they used an excavator to dig the mud and tear down the pipes before sending a fireman down into the well to rescue. After around 40 minutes, the boy was rescued successfully. The video was provided by local media with permission.