Chinese Fog Causes 33-Car Pile-up Which Leaves 'At Least Six' Dead

At least six people have been killed in a huge pile-up on a motorway in China.

About 33 vehicles were involved in the accident, which was caused by foggy conditions that led to poor visibility.

It happened on a portion of the Taichang Expressway near Taiyuan in Shanxi Province on Tuesday morning.

It was reported that at least six people were killed, while four people were taken to hospital with injuries.

The region of northern China has been beset by extreme fog in the past few days and a red alert for smog has been issued in the capital Beijing.

It is the first time a red alert has been issued for Beijing, resulting in the closure of schools and a reduction in the amount of construction in the city. Half of all cars will also be taken off the roads.

The alert is expected to remain in place until Thursday, when winds are forecast to clear the smog.

(Pictures: CEN)

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