Chinese Magician's Floating Table Trick Exposed

A Chinese magician was on a mission to uncover the secret behind his partner’s performance of floating a table in Shenzhen, China.

In this video, the magician, whose stage name is Embarrassing Man, makes a table float off the ground by just waving a table cloth.

Another magician, who goes by the apt stage name of Pokerface Man, walks into the frame to rip off the table cloth to reveal that Embarrassing Man is using a handle to pull the table off the ground.

This video was posted to Kuaishou, a Chinese video-sharing app, under the account of Pokerface Man. The duo’s hilarious magic tricks revealing videos had attracted over 720,000 followers.

Pokerface Man, whose real name is Hao Yakun, developed an interest in magic in 2009. As well as gaining a large online following in the years since, he also teaches courses on magic for budding illusionists, according to a Chinese media report. Credit: Pokerface Man via Storyful