Chinese man attempts suicide after wife's online shopping addiction results in massive debt

Police officers rescued a man named Wang who attempted suicide after his wife racked up thousands in debt from online shopping,

The clip, shot in the city of Luzhou in Sichuan Province on November 10, shows police officers trying to persuade Wang who sat on the edge of the roof on a 33-storey building to come down.

Wang's wife can be heard saying " I was wrong. I have spent too much money."

Wang himself then said "she spent a lot of money last year and owed around 200,000 yuan (£22,000). However, she owed more than 300,000 yuan (£33,000) this year. She spent thousands every month."

Police attempted to calm him down and persuade him to come down from the roof first.

According to reports, Wang's wife Zhan was obsessed with online shopping and used her credit card to buy the items from designer brands.

Wang paid £22,000 that Zhan owed for her last year and thought she would change. But Zhan owed even more by shopping online this year and Wang got too stressful before the country's biggest online shopping festival Singles' Day.

Since the whole family relied on Wang's earning and he only earns a few thousand yuan a month. Wang was stressed to the point of suicide.

Wang finally gave up on taking his own life after being persuaded by patient police for nearly 30 minutes.