WOOD you take a ride? Chinese carpenter's handcrafted car could go into mass production

A Chinese carpenter is looking to take his environmentally friendly wooden car into serial production after revealing his first bizarre model last year.

The original car built out of wood and powered by an electric engine built buy Chinese carpenter, Liu Fulong swept the internet in late 2014.

He said: "I had only been tinkering with the idea and after getting so many people interested, I decided to see if I could do the next one quicker and make it better at the same time."

He was bombarded with enquiries by people who wanted to buy it as a result and sought to build a second, more improved car with even more wooden components. 

Liu Fulong has been driving the car around the city of Shenyang in northeast China.

The newer version of the car is capable of going for 13 miles on a single charge at a speed of around 30mph.

Fulong originally built the car to show the skills of Chinese carpenters to the world.

He declined to say how much had been offered for sale of the first car but said he was confident that there was a business to be made in wooden cars.

The construction of the wooden car made by Chinese carpenter Liu Fulong.
Pic shows: Chinese carpenter Liu Fulong driving his wooden car.
The interior of the wooden car made by Liu Fulong.

He said: ‘It cost me just £1,049 to build my upgraded electric car and apart from the tyres, leather seats, lights, brakes, and engine, everything else is made out of handcrafted wood.

‘This includes the entire body, mirror frames, and the steering wheel.’

With every new model he hopes he can expand the amount of parts made out of wood.

The wooden car being made by Chinese carpenter Liu Fulong.
The original wooden car made by Fulong

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