Chinese military parade army hardware as U.S. House Speaker visits Taiwan

The Chinese army held a military parade, showing off its hardware as the U.S. House Speaker Nancy Pelosi prepared to visit Taiwan.Footage shows a convoy of armoured utility vehicles roaming the roads while helicopters and jets took to the skies over Fujian province yesterday.The parade was held just two days after the military conducted a 'live-fire drill' off the coast of Fujian on July 30.The apparent show of military might happened amid rumours of Pelosi's visit to Taiwan. If the trip happens, it will be the first visit to Taiwan by an American House Speaker since 1997.The move is reportedly seen by Beijing as an affirmation of Taiwan's independence. Though it is officially known as the 'Republic of China,' Taiwan has been governed separately from mainland China, which is known as the 'People's Republic of China.'Beijing, in recent years, however, has stepped up pressure - both economic and military - over Taiwan to secure it as part of Chinese territory.

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