Chinese neighbours save five-year-old hanging from fifth-floor window of residential building

Heroic neighbours saved a five-year-old girl hanging from a fifth-floor window after climbing down from the ninth floor to look for her mother in eastern China.

The video, filmed by a resident and provided by local media with permission, shows a girl clinging onto a fifth-floor window ledge on a residential building.

A man named Li Xue climbed out of the fourth-floor window to take the girl back into the flat with the help of another person.

According to reports, Li saw the incident and went upstairs to go into the fourth-floor flat immediately. He then climbed out of the window and stood on the window ledge to bring the girl back to safety.

The girl was reportedly climbing down from ninth-floor flat to try to find her mum who went out shopping.

The video was filmed in the city of Hefei in Anhui Province on February 27.