Chinese Restaurant 'Gives 90% Discount To Female Customers Who Wear Short Skirts'

Yahoo News.
Fashion police: A man measures a woman's hemline (CEN)

A restaurant owner has offered women a discount on their bill if they wear short skirts.

In a controversial move to attract more female customers, the eaterie in China’s Shangdon Province offers 90% off for women prepared to wear miniskirts shorter than 33cm above the knee.

To determine what discount a woman will get, there is even a doorman who checks skirt lengths with a tape measure.

The move has received mixed read online, but a spokesperson for the outlet claims the restaurant has been flooded with mini-skirted women eager for cheap food since the promotion began.

Many slammed the restaurant for being sexist, taking to social media to air their views.

One, user, AnTsai, complained: ‘I have long, beautiful legs but I will be damned if I am going to let some strange man measure my skirt length for a crappy hotpot #outraged.'

Women await measurement by a man in the Chinese restaurant (CEN)

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Another, Xin Kao said: ‘You’ll probably find hidden cameras under the tables too. Disgusting and cheap.’

Others were not as concerned, commenting: ‘I don’t see the problem.
‘Clubs also let women wearing short skirts into the front of the queue. It’s an unwritten rule.’

For those who want to protect their modesty, a 20% discount is offered for skirts 8cm above the knee.

A spokesman for the restaurant said: ‘We wanted to do a promotion on our hotpot and we came up with this.
‘Girls like showing off their legs anyway, and now they can get more than just admiring glances from passersby - they can get cheap food too.’

Women with hemlines 33cm above the knee get a 90% discount whole anything higher than 8cm will get a 20% discount (CEN)
Female customer wearing a short skirt (CEN)