Chinese scientists discover a new swine flu capable of triggering a pandemic

Our Foreign Staff
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    The virus has therefore already passed from animals to humans but there is no evidence yet that it can be passed from human to human - the scientists' main worry.

    That's it. NO travelers from China to the USA until a vaccine is discovered. Lock it down NOW !
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    Dr Bob
    "It possesses "all the essential hallmarks of being highly adapted to infect humans", say the authors, scientists at Chinese universities and China's Center for Disease Control and Prevention." A very interesting and telling choice of words especially the "adapted" which implies it was made
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    It is becoming strangely familiar to see the words "China" and "pandemic" mentioned in the same sentence these days.
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    Another good reason not to import meat from countries with low standards of animal welfare and hygiene on their meat production
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    Is it just coincidence that all these global health threats originate from China, where there is mass infections due to unhygienic practices? You will note that the Chinese moved to shut down their situations after letting it spread over the entire world. Every person that has been affected/died because of these pandemics were affected/died because of China.
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    Just think, China could lock down the world for years with a succession of pandemics. It is about time that the world got together and locked down China until it can get its act together. No one would suggest, of course, that these virus threats could all be a deliberate ploy to damage other world economies and elevate China's economic position!
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    Wuhan Bioweapon lab have created a new Bioweapon. Soon to be released for world testing.
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    In other words it's already circling
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    There seems to be some sort of conspiracy between China and the western global elite to keep us all in our homes, which are rapidly becoming prisons.
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    Chinese scientists discover a new swine flu capable of triggering a pandemic and they will be exporting it , just like they did the Kung Flu, as soon as possible.