Where did that come from? Chinese family car swallowed up by giant sinkhole

Oops: The Chinese family's car tumbles into the giant sinkhole (Rex)

This is the bizarre moment a family of five got the shock of their lives when a giant sinkhole opened up and swallowed their car.

The Chinese family had been driving in Hetian, western China's Xinjiang Autonomous Region, when the road suddenly collapsed and the front of the car fell in.

Father Alimu, whose wife and three children were also in the car, was unable to open the door as the sinkhole got bigger over the next 30 minutes until their vehicle almost completely disappeared.

Unable to open his door, Alimu and his wife were forced to clamber into the back and escape that way with their children.

It was eventually pulled out using a crane, covered in mud and with a crumpled front.

According to authorities there used to be an air raid shelter below the road and heavy rain caused the cave-in.