Chinese student skips until his trousers fall down to win school competition

A pupil skipped until his trousers fell down to win a competition at a school in northern China. In the video filmed in Nanyang, Henan Province, the 10-year-old boy was participating in a rope skipping competition along with other students. His trousers began to fall off but he insisted on jumping without getting distracted at all. The boy managed to finish the rope jump competition and won the first-place prize. The filmer, also the boy’s teacher named Lv, said: "The boy was seen to wipe his eyes with his hands after the competition. He probably felt embarrassed about the pants and cried. He then pulled up his pants and left the stage. He was also good at studying. His spirit of perseverance is worth learning.” The video was filmed on December 16 and provided by local media with permission.

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