Chloé rose naturelle intense review: The brand new perfume comes in a refill bottle too

Its stylish aesthetic makes for a chic shelf addition  (The Independent)
Its stylish aesthetic makes for a chic shelf addition (The Independent)

Picking up a new perfume is an undisputed shopping treat, whether you fancy trying something new or have a go-to scent favourite. With options spanning everything from floral and citrus notes to creamy, woody and musk blends, choosing fragrance depends on your personal olfactory preference.

This time of year is also ideal for exploring perfume picks, with Christmas presents sitting right at the top of our shopping list. Plus, if you’re like us, that means spoiling yourself as well as gifting a loved one (why not?).

So, we were very excited to hear about the timely launch of Chloé’s new rose naturelle intense perfume, which is available to buy nationwide from today. An eau de parfum billed as being made from 100 per cent natural-origin ingredients, scent notes include bergamot, neroli, rose, cedar and sandalwood.

What’s also interesting about the fragrance is, as well as coming in 30ml, 50ml and 150ml bottle sizes, there’s a 150ml refill to purchase too. Made from 100 per cent recycled material, its contents are designed to be poured directly into an empty Chloé rose naturelle intense perfume bottle after removing the pump and lid. While we’ve not tried that part ourselves yet, we have been testing the newly launched scent itself.

After spritzing on this fresh perfume as part of our daily routine, we’ve got the full tried-and-tested low-down.

How we tested

We sampled the new Chloé rose naturelle intense perfume over the course of a week, wearing it during the day and the evening. We looked at the scent notes, packaging and how long this perfume lingered on skin, as well as its overall price point. Read on for our comprehensive Chloé perfume verdict.

Chloé rose naturelle intense eau de parfum, 50ml

Available to buy nationwide in 30ml, 50ml and 100ml sizes, the chic glass bottle comes complete with timeless signature Chloé perfume details, including a ridged edge, minimalist branding and a green tie-ribbon finish. Immediately becoming a stylish addition to any shelf, this bottle feels like a keepsake worth saving, too.

Meanwhile, the handy 150ml refill option (£125, looks a practical pick for topping up the aesthetically pleasing holder when we’ve run out of perfume. The price for each size and the coordinating refill is a treat splurge, however, this is an investment cost we’d expect from a designer perfume brand.

Spritzing the scent onto skin, we detected an overall crisp freshness, underpinned by a sweet, creamy, woody blend, and that’s thanks to the perfume’s top, heart and base notes. These include uplifting bergamot and neroli essences, alongside sweet organic rose essence. Plus, the addition of oak wood, cedar and sandalwood essences contribute rousing, woody warmth. This is a unique scent blend that is both evocative of woodland and floral gardens, while also seeming particularly refreshing and brightening for a rose perfume.

We found one or two sprays go impressively far, in terms of delivering a pop of potent fragrance, and we tended to dial up this intensity for evenings out. We noted each individual fragrance element can be detected during wear, and we were regularly met with wafts of tantalising scent, which was noticed by friends too.

This is a distinctive eau de parfum, which we found a joy to wear, and the notes add fragrance pizzazz during the daytime and in the evening, without being too overpowering. Plus, with a single spritz serving up tempting scent notes, we built this up when fancying further fragrance.

Buy now £92.00, Selfridges

The verdict: Chloé rose naturelle intense eau de parfum

We’ve been suitably impressed by the scent notes found in this new eau de parfum, and love the unique floral, fresh and woody blend. We noted the perfume has a long-lasting appeal, made even more potent by additional spritzes. Although a luxury purchase, the bottle is an undeniably chic addition to any shelf, and we’d be tempted to try the handy refill option when this stylish scent runs low, too.

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