Chloe Madeley returned to work because she needed the money

Chloe Madeley has explained why she returned to work so quickly credit:Bang Showbiz
Chloe Madeley has explained why she returned to work so quickly credit:Bang Showbiz

Chloe Madeley returned to work eight weeks after giving birth because she "needs the money".

The 35-year-old star gave birth to her daughter Bodhi six months ago, and Chloe - who is the daughter of TV stars Richard Madeley and Judy Finnigan - has now revealed that money was the main motivation behind her swift return to work.

She said: "James [Haskell, her husband] obviously makes a great income and he’s my partner and that’s fantastic, but we don’t have a joint account.

"We’ve always had separate accounts and I think that’s a bit of a pride thing with me.

"Next time, if I get pregnant again, I’m absolutely not doing it. I will swallow my pride, I will jump in on James’ account and take at least six months."

Chloe has returned to work as a personal trainer in recent months and she admits that it's been an "intense" time for her.

Despite this, the blonde beauty remains determined to protect her mental health amid her return to work.

She told OK! magazine: "With the lack of sleep and the amount of people who are relying on you … that has been a lesson!

"I’m lucky I haven’t had any mental health issues, but during this time when you’re very susceptible to it, take your time. If you’re self-employed it’s tough, but really take your time going back to work – that was a hard lesson for me."

Chloe was initially in two minds about the prospect of having children. However, she's now loving the challenge of motherhood.

She shared: "I finally decided I really wanted to have kids and got pregnant and then in my third trimester I slightly regressed and panicked that I might have made the wrong decision.

"And then the second she was born all the way to now, [it’s been] the best decision I’ve made. I’m really happy I did it, I’ve never loved anything so much in my life and I’m just really pleasantly surprised by how well and organically I’ve taken to it. I’m really relieved!"