Who is Chloe Smith and what did the Tory MP say about the mini budget?

Tory MP Chloe Smith defended the mini budget on Sky News (AFP via Getty Images)
Tory MP Chloe Smith defended the mini budget on Sky News (AFP via Getty Images)

Tory MP Chloe Smith appeared on Sky News on Monday morning (September 26) to defend the mini budget announced by Kwasi Kwarteng last week.

Broadcaster Kay Burley questioned Smith about why the Tory Government would be lifting the ban on bankers’ bonuses while not reinstating the £20 Universal Credit uplift.

Burley, who said “we did the calculations on the back of an envelope,” confronted the MP over the fact that someone earning £1 million would save more than £55,000 in tax, which equates to 53 years of £20 Universal Credit uplift.

In response, Smith said: “Well, first of all Kay, I’m delighted that your figures were calculated on the back of an envelope. That’s reassuring for your viewers.”

Burley hit back and said: “Well, I wonder how Kwarteng’s are done.”

Smith went on to say that “the key point” was that the Conservatives had put forward measures to cut tax “across a range of points”.

She claimed that a “growth package is designed to lead to jobs and opportunities,” and that “growth and jobs are one of the best ways for people to grow to prosperity”.

Burley questioned Smith once again on the calculation that £55,000 in tax savings would pay for 53 years’ worth of £20 Universal Credit uplift, but Smith told her she was “missing another point on where to locate financial-services jobs”.

Who is Chloe Smith?

Chloe Smith, 40, has been Secretary of State for Work and Pensions since September 6, 2022.

She was previously Minister of State (Minister for Disabled People, Health and Work) at the Department for Work and Pensions, and before that was the Minister of State (Minister for the Constitution and Devolution).

Smith had previously worked as Parliamentary Secretary at the Cabinet Office, Parliamentary Under Secretary of State for Northern Ireland, and Assistant Government Whip for the House of Commons.

Smith, who grew up in Norfolk, was elected as a Tory MP for Norwich North in July 2009.

Before entering politics, Smith studied English at the University of York and worked for international consultancy firm Deloitte, advising private businesses, government departments, and public bodies.

The Tory MP is also a mother-of-two and recently recovered from breast cancer.