We Found the 16 Best Fake Eyelashes For Every Makeup Style

False eyelashes can be intimidating, even if you've mastered applying them. When staring at the vast selection of lash strips in the store, you might find yourself wondering why there are so many options and what each pair will actually look like on. For some help, we reached out to Jade Munson, global ambassador and educator for Ardell Lashes, and Kelli J. Bartlett, artist director of Glamsquad, to find out exactly how to pick the right lashes for your desired look.

Whether you want a pair that will give you a natural "are those real?" effect or you want full-glam volume and length, these experts will tell you exactly what to look for. Forget an expensive lash extension appointment - you can find the best false eyelashes for an affordable price at your local drugstore or any beauty retailer, like Sephora or Ulta Beauty. Plus, with proper maintenance, you can reuse them for weeks beyond purchasing.

Keep reading to shop for the best fake eyelashes and learn about the different styles.

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