Chris Christie Mocks Trump By Quoting Taylor Swift And It's Embarrassing

Chris Christie attempted to mock former president Donald Trump by awkwardly quoting Taylor Swift ― and like his presidential ambitions, it isn’t getting much support.

On Wednesday, Christie attempted to pull a “Swift” one on Trump in advance of a GOP presidential debate that the former president is ignoring.

He did so by responding to a tweet from Sunday showing him with the Dallas Cowboys’ owner, Jerry Jones, that was jokingly captioned, “Ooooh who on the Cowboys is Chris Christie dating?!”

Christie responded by trying to shoehorn lyrics from two Swift songs, “A Place in This World” and “We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together,” with references to his previous support of Trump and tonight’s debate:

“I was just a guy in the bleachers on Sunday... but after tonight, Trump will know we are never ever getting back together.”

Based on the response to the very thirsty post, the former governor may soon be known as “Cringe” Christie.

One person even called it “the cringiest tweet from a politician” trying to use Swift’s lyrics that she’s ever seen, while another was insistent that they “did not need the thought” of Christie singing her songs.

Other responses followed.