Chris Eubank Jr vows to ignore father’s request to pull out of huge Conor Benn fight

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Chris Eubank Jr has told his father he cannot have any “negative thoughts” heading into next month’s huge clash with Conor Benn.

One of British boxing’s greatest rivalries offers a second instalment inside London’s 02 Arena as Eubank Jr and Benn meet a catchweight of 157lbs, with Eubank Sr voicing grave concerns over the safety of it.

“If you have a child and someone’s trying to actually take that child away from you, and do something wrong to that child, as a dad you wouldn’t let them,” Eubank Sr told the Daily Mail. “That’s all I’m doing.

“I’ve given him my direction. If he doesn’t want to follow it, he will be dragged along. But he will do what is right for him… he is coming down 1oz below 160lbs which cannot happen on my watch.”

His son, however, has told the Daily Star: “I can’t pay that [his father’s comments] too much attention because, at the end of the day, the fight is going to happen. There is nothing that is going to stop the fight.

“I can’t have any negative thoughts or worries from any other people affect my mindset and how I will proceed with this fight. He’s my father, he may be worried about me cutting the weight and all the rest of it but I can’t let that affect me and what I want to do. I have to believe in myself.

“I’m not saying he doesn’t believe in me or believe that I’m going to do it but he’s saying it’s a danger. He probably is right. It is a danger but I’m a dangerous man.”