Chris Evans rushed to hospital after mistaking kidney stones for trapped wind

Albertina Lloyd
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Chris Evans arrives at the Virgin Radio studios in south London for his first breakfast show on the station. (Photo by Yui Mok/PA Images via Getty Images)

Chris Evans was admitted to hospital with kidney stones. (Getty Images)

Chris Evans has revealed he was rushed to hospital with kidney stones – after mistaking the symptoms for trapped wind.

The 54-year-old TV and radio presenter spent two nights in hospital after suffering crippling abdominal pains at the weekend but has now been released after missing two episodes of his Virgin Radio breakfast show.

Evans told The Sun: “I thought I had trapped wind and general ‘man pain’ most of Saturday. I took paracetamol and waited for nature to take its course... that didn't happen.

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"Late Saturday night my wife called 111 and we were advised to go to A&E. Which we did. After an ultrasound scan and CT scan, it was clear I had a kidney stone on the move.

“I was subsequently admitted to a ward where I was looked after until I came back home on Monday evening."

He added: “I still have the stone, and if it doesn't come out soon I will need to go back in and have it removed."

LONDON, ENGLAND - JUNE 08:  Chris Evans presenting the live broadcast of the final of BBC Radio 2's 500 Words creative writing competition at Hampton Court Palace on June 8, 2018 in London, England.  (Photo by Tim P. Whitby/Tim P. Whitby/Getty Images)

Chris Evans is still waiting for the kidney stone to pass through his system. (Getty Images)

The former Top Gear presenter went on to thank all the NHS staff who looked after him, including a Royal Air Force (RAF) officer called Paul who was helping out due to the coronavirus pandemic.

Evans said: "They're doing whatever is necessary wherever they can – something I had no idea was happening.”

Kidney stones are small hard masses of minerals, such as calcium, that form in the kidneys, usually affecting people aged between 30 to 60.

They can take between two to four weeks to pass naturally through the urethra, and patients are advised to take painkillers for the abdominal pain caused in the meantime.

Some women who have undergone childbirth and also suffered kidney stones have said the pain – caused by the stones moving from the kidney to the bladder – is more excrutiating than childbirth.

Chris Evans was on This Morning to alk about cars (Credit: ITV)

Chris Evans revealed his varicose veins on This Morning in 2019. (ITV)

In 2019 Evans dropped his trousers live on This Morning while discussing his varicose veins.

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He told Holly Willoughby and Phillip Schofield: “I had my varicose veins microwaved last week. And you have them taken out and the aftermath is ongoing...

“But the thing is that what they’ve found out is that if you prune a bush, it comes back, doesn’t it. So if you prune your veins they come back."

Varicose veins are swollen and lumpy veins that can become painful and appear blue or purple on the surface of the skin. Evans's varicose veins were caused by running.

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