Chris Evans reveals real names of new-born twins after nicknaming them Ping and Pong

Chris Evans and his wife have revealed the real names of his new-born twins, after first nicknaming them Ping and Pong.

The radio star has said the new baby twins are called Walt and Boo, the Sun reported.

Following the birth, the family posed outside of Frimley Park Hospital in Surrey, proudly showing off the boy and girl’s new arrival.

Mr Evans had, at first, called the new babies Ping and Pong throughout his wife, Natasha Shishmanian’s, pregnancy.

In a statement, read out by guest host Sara Cox on the Radio 2 Breakfast show, the family said: “Ping and Pong arrived safe and well last night.

“Ping popped her head out at 22.10, Pong popped his head out 12 minutes later and at 22 minutes past 10.

The family outside of hospital (PA)
The family outside of hospital (PA)

“Both healthy, both strong, happy and blessed, as was mum throughout.

"Infinite thanks to the amazing team at Frimley Park Hospital, amazing people, amazing professionals, helping dreams come true. Thank you."

On Wednesday's show, Evans had called his wife to check up on her ahead of her labour being induced later that day , and the twins were born hours later.

Evans and Shishmanian married in 2007. As well as the twins, they also have sons Noah, nine, and six-year-old Eli.

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