Chris Evans reveals he and his wife found maggots in their bed

Chris Evans and his wife Natasha Shishmanian (PA Images)
Chris Evans and his wife Natasha Shishmanian (PA Images)

Chris Evans shared some horrifying news with his Virgin Radio listeners on Tuesday. The 52-year-old former BBC Radio host revealed that he and his wife Natasha Shismanian, 38, had discovered live maggots living in their bed.

He said neither had any idea how the pests got into their mattress, and that they had to call in pest control.

Evans said the pest controller told them: “I think they’re bluebottle maggots. Where’s the loft hatch, is it over your bed? Think there’s something dead in your loft.”

A clearly embarrassed Evans added: “They didn’t come from me!”

He confirmed that the pest controller discovered a dead mouse rotting in their loft that had caused the maggot invasion.

Evans officially joined Virgin Radio last month and quickly won praise from viewers. He told listeners he was ‘grateful’ to join the new network, after 13 years hosting at Radio 2.

Zoe Ball has stepped into his shoes over at Radio 2, with Ryan Clark-Neal replacing her previous Saturday slot at the same station.

On Evans first day at Virgin he revealed that Ball had sent him a good luck text the night before:

“Zoe, thanks for your text message last night. It was very sweet of you,” he said.

Evans has also earned praise for his heartbreaking radio interview with the late Reverend Ruth Scott. The 60-year-old Radio 2 presenter, who died of cancer last week, gave her last broadcast with Evans and frankly discussed the realities of being terminally ill.

“I’ve got two or three weeks to live at most so we’re in the middle of saying goodbyes with the family and thinking about how it is to be separating from one another.

“Death feels very weird at one level, but it feels very natural at another level,” Scott told Evans.

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