Chris Evans’ ‘Top Gear’ Screen-Time Dramatically Cut

This has not been a good year for Chris Evans.

After months of speculation that all wasn’t well behind-the-scenes of the Top Gear reboot, the new host of the motoring program picked up a whole lot of flack when the series finally aired last month.

Viewers were left unimpressed by Chris’ part on the show, with many arguing that his co-host Matt LeBlanc should get a more prominent role.

Now producers have seemingly taken note, with it being reported that the BBC are cutting down Chris’ screen-time in favour of focusing more on spin-off ‘Extra Gear’ hosts Rory Reid and Chis Harris.

Taking to Twitter last night, Rory simply wrote: “We are on the main show every Sunday now.”

Bigwigs have worked out that Chris’ air time has been dramatically decreasing as the series goes on, with the first episode seeing him occupy 49 minutes of the hour-long programme, with the latest episode seeing that drastically go down to 29 minutes.

Viewing figures have also been steadily decreasing but director of BBC Studios Mark Linsey has defended the reboot, saying: “I’m delighted with the first show, it’s BBC Two’s highest rating programme of the year. We wanted to be faithful to the original for the people who do love it.

"We want new people to come to it. It will evolve and change as the series goes on but definitely we wanted to be faithful to a much loved show by the viewers.”

Only time will tell if the addition of Rory and Chris will make a difference.