Chris Hemsworth’s Daughter Was Less Impressed With His Hollywood Star When She Found Out She'd Have To Wait On Six Flags

 A close up of Chris Hemsworth looking sweaty in Extraction.
A close up of Chris Hemsworth looking sweaty in Extraction.

You can’t blame kids for not being impressed with stuff adults hold important. That point feels especially applicable after hearing the story of how 2024 movie star Chris Hemsworth’s daughter didn’t seem that impressed with his recent star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. Or at least, her feelings seemed to fall into that bucket after comparing the experience to a potential Six Flags trip.

Hemsworth spoke with ET Online about his recent celebration, which saw fellow Avengers vet Robert Downey Jr. lightly roasting him in a heartfelt speech. However, when it came to his 12-year old daughter India, she unfortunately got the family calendar mixed up, leading to this unfortunate contrast in expectations. Chris Hemsworth shared how that experience played out as follows:

My daughter last night was like, 'Hey, what are we doing tomorrow?' And I said, 'It's the star ceremony.' She's like, 'I thought we were going to Six Flags?' I was like, 'No that’s the next day.' She was like, 'Oh, cool, ok.

To be fair, Chris Hemsworth’s reasons for leaving Hollywood did move the family further away from the closest Six Flags park. So like any family trip, the nearest theme park is going to be a concern that a child would have on hand. Which leads to the next round of questioning that includes the likes of, “When are we going?,” “Will you go on the rides with me?,” and “Can we get ice cream?”

At the same time, getting a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame is a pretty big deal. You could say that goes double for Hemsworth, especially after that story about how an infamous Avengers handprint ceremony led the Thor star to think he was getting the star over a decade earlier. That story probably helped Chris Hemsworth identify with his daughter, allowing him to reinforce her feelings thusly:

I think she thinks it's cool. She thinks Six Flags and theme parks are cool anyway.

With young India being confirmed as a theme park fan, the true test of familial devotion lies in a simple, but loaded question: is she more of a Six Flags fan or a Disney Parks fan? While we wait for that answer, it’s a good time to remind you all that Chris Hemsworth can currently be seen as Warlord Dementus in this summer’s Furiosa: A Mad Max Saga.

Or, if you’re in the mood to revisit the life and times of Thor Odinson, almost the entire MCU is at your disposal with a Disney+ subscription. In the meantime, don't be surprised if there's a follow up story where we learn that the Hemsworth family has gotten season passes to Six Flags. It's the PR move where everyone wins, especially young Ms. Hemsworth.