Chris Martin makes a surprise appearance singing a Coldplay classic to an engaged couple

Chris Martin made a surprise appearance in a Somerset pub yesterday (26/6) - and sang a Coldplay classic to an engaged couple.

The hitmaker, 45, turned up at the Stag Inn in Hinton Charterhouse, near Bath, on his way back from Glastonbury.

Landlord Chris Parkin, 47, described the atmosphere in the boozer as "surreal" - adding: "I've seen a few things in my time but nothing quite like that."

He said he was nearly knocked off his seat when the frontman walked in with his girlfriend, actress Dakota Johnson, 32.

Chris, who has run the pub for 29 years, said: "I was just sat at the bar with one of my colleagues after finishing a very busy Sunday roast shift.

"When suddenly in he walked and ordered two Guinnesses. I thought, 'crikey, that bloke looks just like Chris Martin!'. Then [his] PA turned around and said, 'he is!'.

"They went and sat outside, and everyone in the pub was going a bit crazy, asking what I was going to do, etc.

"But I just replied that I wasn't going to do anything and just leave them alone.

"We were having a wedding meeting at 4:30pm for my friends Jeremy and Hannah who are getting married soon.

"Then Mr Martin came back inside and I suddenly thought I had to get my son downstairs to meet him."

Chris' son Alfred Parkin, 13, is an avid pianist - and his father was determined to get the pair to meet.

"They shook hands - it was brilliant," said the landlord.

And he continued: "We were all talking about the wedding, when suddenly Chris turns around and asks what was going on.

"Jeremy and Hannah told him about their wedding - and said that their first dance was actually going to be to A Sky Full of Stars.

"He then said, 'do you want me to play it for you?' - we were all in awe! Then he just sat down and started playing, he was absolutely lovely.

"He then said he was a bit hungover after Glastonbury, he gave a few marriage tips and said to Jeremy: 'Make sure you listen to her mate'.

"We had a laugh and a joke. Chris said he would love to stay and have another drink but they had to go - so they went!"

The landlord admitted he "didn't have a clue" who Dakota was, but the "girls in the kitchen were more impressed about her".

He added: "It was just one of those things where you are so in the moment, and he made it so easy by being such a great bloke.

"The only time I've ever experienced anything similar is when I was sat at a bar and Tom Jones walked in - we ended up having a drink and a chat.

"But I think Chris Martin is a star - it's probably because we left him alone and he wanted to say thanks.

"What a day!"

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