Chris Packham stuns 'Autumnwatch' viewers by revealing he French kissed a fox

Watch: You won't believe what Chris Packham has admitted he's done with a fox!

Chris Packham stunned Autumnwatch viewers by revealing that he once French kissed a fox.

The TV presenter and naturalist made the surprising announcement as he chatted to his stepdaughter Megan on the BBC wildlife show – and later followed up on Twitter by saying he had “done wolf too”.

Packham, 59, said the fox kiss had happened when he was a child and that the experience was a "badge of honour".

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Chris Packham attending the Royal Television Society Programme Awards at Grosvenor House Hotel, Park Lane, London.
Chris Packham (PA)

The star was talking about how he had a pet fox as a child and said he used to “tease it by putting food in my mouth”.

"The fox would come up and every now and again it would put its tongue in my mouth and it would push it up underneath my lip,” he said. "And it was quite a force... not like a dog's tongue when they sort of slip their tongue in occasionally when they are kissing you, this is like, a fox tongue, you know."

When Megan showed her shock at the revelation, Packham replied: “Come on, being French kissed by a fox, that’s a badge of honour!"

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The tale sparked quite the reaction among viewers, who took to social media to express their thoughts.

One person posted a message on Twitter saying it was “oversharing”, while another tweeted: “Chris Packham talking about being French kissed by a fox is not something I expected to see tonight.”

“I've heard Chris Packham called a ‘silver fox’ but snogging a fox with aggressive tongue action is a tad far,” said another.

Packham later tweeted a response along with an image of him and a fox, telling his followers: “I’m sure people could find a million reasons to indicate that 'French kissing' a fox was a very bad idea.

“But I'm still here and I love these animals more than most others, and most days work hard to protect them and encourage others to respect them.

“Whatever it takes eh?”

He added another snap of a wolf seeming to nuzzle his face, and quipped: “And I'm not bragging… but I've done wolf too…”.