Chris Packham blasts 'intelligent' Taylor Swift for using private jets

The Countryfile star pleads with Taylor Swift to stop using private jets

Chris Packham has asked Taylor Swift to stop using her private jets. (Getty)
Chris Packham has asked Taylor Swift to stop using her private jets. (Getty)

Chris Packham has continued to target Taylor Swift in a bid to get her to stop using private jets.

In June, Swift arrived in the UK to perform her hotly-anticipated Eras Tour all over. She was seen arriving at London Stanstead in a private jet ahead of her string of Wembley tour dates.

The Springwatch star took his "peaceful" campaign to Good Morning Britain. He had high praise for the pop star saying she was a "very powerful intelligent young woman", however he called on the star to make the change when it come to her travel plans.

A mural of Taylor Swift on the Spanish Steps outside Wembley Stadium in London. (Getty)
A mural of Taylor Swift on the Spanish Steps outside Wembley Stadium in London. (Getty)

He said: "Just Stop Oil have targeted Stanstead Airport where private jets are still in use, and I've been targeting - peacefully and with no paint - Taylor Swift while she's in uk. A very prominent user of private jets.

"That's one thing I think is extremely worthy. We need to cut back on our emissions. We all need to make changes, me, you and Taylor Swift.

"I've asked her to think about the future of all of her young fans. Enormous capacity to communicate, a very powerful intelligent young woman. She should be using that platform to lead.

"And certainly not behaving like a rockstar of yesteryear travelling around the world in private jets.

"I think she's got to show that legion of adoring fans. Maybe one day Taylor will want children of her own. I'm sure she wants a healthy and happy planet for them to live on. She could send a symbolic gesture to millions of people by saying she was going to stop using those jets."

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Chris Packham appeared on Good Morning Britain. (ITV screengrab)
Chris Packham appeared on Good Morning Britain. (ITV screengrab)

Packham wanted to hear from Swift for the family-friendly and legal rally Restore Nature Now on Park Lane in London. The Restore Nature Now demonstration will see thousands call on politicians to take action to tackle climate change in the UK.

It might be one day until the rally but Packham hasn't lost hope on hearing from Swift just yet. The environmentalist promised the singer would have hundreds of thousands more fans over the age of 15 if she does send a video message to be played at the rally.

He said: "She hasn't at this point. I have said she could send a video message which we could play at our rally."

He added of the rally: "We want a healthier future for our planet. It is a peaceful rally. A lot of joy. It is fancy dress, a family friendly affair... We will be holding our future government to account."

Previously, Packham has made his case to Swift and he said he wants her to make more sustainable choices when it comes to touring the world.

He told The Mirror: "I think Taylor Swift has enormous power. She’s speaking to an audience which will have significant problems in their lives due to climate breakdown and biodiversity loss.

"And she ought to be at the forefront of trying to help their future to become more secure and sustainable. What a missed opportunity. You should actually say: ‘Do you know what, thank you for pointing that out. I’m going to switch to flying on commercial airliners’.

"We all accept she has to travel the globe – we’re not saying stop touring. We’re saying do it in the most environmentally friendly way that you possibly can."

Taylor Swift performing The Eras tour
What is Taylor Swift doing to offset her carbon footprint? (Getty)

Swift has said she is offsetting her carbon footprint. Carbon footprint is a measure of the amount of carbon dioxide and other carbon compounds emitted as a result of a person or group's consumption of fossil fuels.

Her publicist told The Associated Press that "Taylor purchased more than double the carbon credits needed to offset all tour travel" before The Eras tour began. AP reported her representative "did not provide any details". However, critics have raised questions about the effectiveness of the carbon credits.

Yahoo has reached out to Taylor Swift's representatives for further comment.

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