Chris Tarrant takes in Ukrainian refugee family

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Chris Tarrant and his partner have taken in a Ukrainian refugee family credit:Bang Showbiz
Chris Tarrant and his partner have taken in a Ukrainian refugee family credit:Bang Showbiz

Chris Tarrant and his partner have taken in a Ukrainian refugee family.

The former 'Who Wants to Be a Millionaire?' host and his significant other Jane Bird have welcomed a Ukrainian woman, her nine-month-old baby, and her elderly mother into their home in Berkshire, south east England, after the family's home nation was invaded by Russia, and the 75-year-old star has told them they can stay as long as they like.

He said: "They keep talking about going home some time, but I say, ‘You don’t even know what your home’s like. Is it a pile of bricks? You don’t know what’s there waiting for you’. So they are very welcome to stay.

"The husband, who is still fighting in the Ukraine, fixed up for them to get into this country. They got through to Poland, and got their paperwork sorted so they could come across.

"I can’t tell you their names - there’s security reasons because the husband is still fighting and the other set of parents are still trying to get out."

Chris admitted the family were sleeping on airport floors in Poland when he made contact with them, and he was able to "short-cut" some of the red tape to ensure he could bring the mother, baby and her mum over to England.

He explained: "I said, ‘We’ve got to do something about this’. The world just feels so helpless that this vile, evil thing is happening in 2022. You can’t believe this is happening.

"We said, ‘We really ought to do something’. I sent money and stuff and you think, ‘I wonder how much of that gets through?’

“So a friend of ours contacted us and said, ‘Would you like to help the Ukrainians?’ I said, ‘Of course we would, we’d love to - but we understand the red tape with the government is so slow?’

"We sort of managed to short-cut all that. You can take money every week to take them, and I don’t want any of that, I just want to look after these people."

Chris - who was in Ukraine two years ago filming his Channel 5 show 'Extreme Railways' - admitted the family are "just really nice people".

He added to The Sun newspaper: "We just look after them and help them with shopping and stuff. The baby speaks nothing - just Ukrainian gurgles, I think.

"The mum has reasonable English and her mum doesn’t speak much at all. But they’re just really nice people."

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