Chrissy Teigen Says Her Babies Are 'Easiest Part of Our Family' After First Travels Together (Exclusive)

Chrissy Teigen tells PEOPLE she's grateful for the memories she's already made with her family of six

<p>Chrissy Teigen/Instagram</p> Chrissy Teigen and John Legend on vacation with their four kids

Chrissy Teigen/Instagram

Chrissy Teigen and John Legend on vacation with their four kids

Chrissy Teigen didn't know what to expect from embarking on summer vacation as a family of six for the first time, but she has no regrets.

Speaking with PEOPLE about her new collaboration with Wonderfold on W4 and W2 Petal Pop Stroller Wagon benefitting Baby2Baby, the Cravings cookbook author, 37, opened up about starting her little ones on traveling young.

Teigen and husband John Legend decided to start their travels just weeks after welcoming son  Wren, 10 weeks.

"We just got back from a little trip to Mexico. We actually planned this a long time ago before we knew that we'd have the type of babies that could do this kind of thing," she tells PEOPLE. "But luckily, we got so lucky with Esti and Wren that they are actually the easiest parts of our family now."

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<p>chrissyteigen/Instagram</p> Chrissy Teigen with her four kids


Chrissy Teigen with her four kids

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Of her infant son, Teigen says, "Wren is just such a sleepy love bug. I think he's still meant to be in the tummy — he really doesn't seem to wake up for much, but now he's getting much more aware. His eyes are really present and really focused."

"Esti, she came out swinging. She was ready to live and thrive and she's just so sweet and smiling," she says of her 7-month-old daughter.

"Miles and Luna are the coconuts. They're crazy, bonkers and a lot to keep up with, but they help us so much with the babies. We did the right thing, being able to travel with all of them, and we had a really fun couple of weeks with them."

The older kids are enjoying the last few weeks of summer at camp, giving Teigen time to enjoy special moments with her younger pair. "What's great is knowing that our family is solid now. Hopefully, there's no new changes in the next year and this is our tight number now."

"Of course, when things are great, they're gonna get harder and when things are hard, they're gonna get great. You never know what to expect, but I'm really happy that we did that for them and for us. It was really fun, even though it is nice to be home and be around all of our own stuff again."

<p>Wonderfold</p> Chrissy Teigen's Wonderfold Wagon


Chrissy Teigen's Wonderfold Wagon

Teigen's design of the Wonderfold W4 and W2 Petal Pop Stroller Wagon — including custom floral blooms print on a wagon that carries four little ones — warms her heart, as does knowing its impact will benefit "not just children, but mothers and whole families as well."

"I have been a long-time supporter of Baby2Baby. I think when I first became a mother, I really started to have a deepened understanding of wanting to really use my platform to be able to uplift and provide a nurturing environment for children to be able to thrive from birth on. And what I love about Baby2Baby was that not only was that support given to the children but to the parents as well," Teigen says. "And we have always tried to support by donating."

"We get so many things and it just drove me crazy, so our earliest involvement was making simple donations every week. We'd fill up a big tub with things for Baby2Baby and send them over. And then I got to explore the warehouse and see the magnitude of what they're able to give."

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