Chrissy Teigen Uses This Genius Bottle That’ll Actually Motivate You to Drink More Water

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Drinking water can sometimes feel like a chore. Regardless, there’s no denying H2O is an absolute must in our day-to-day. The benefits of ample hydration are endless, as are the negative side effects that can come from not drinking enough. So, how does one ensure they’re getting the recommended H2O? Make like Chrissy Teigen and get yourself a water bottle that not only motivates you to sip more, but actually keeps your intake on track by the hour.

Hydromate’s Motivational Water Bottle has not only earned rave reviews from thousands of Amazon shoppers, but also from the queen of the kitchen herself (ahem, Teigen). She’s pregnant with baby number three and was put on bedrest in early September, and as any mama-to-be knows, drinking plenty of fluids during pregnancy is key. As such, Hydryomate’s best-selling water bottle has quickly become one of Teigen’s bedside musts.

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Buy It! HydroMate Motivational Gallon Water Bottle, $19.98 (orig. $21.95);

This Teigen-approved water bottle isn’t like any ol’ water bottle. It’s basically like a personal trainer for drinking thanks to motivational time markers that keep you on track, just like a trainer would do. At 8 a.m., for example, you’ll kickstart your day with a Ready! Set! Drink! motto, at 2 p.m. you’ll be reminded you’re halfway there, and at 6 p.m. you’ll see you have just a little more to go. Visually seeing where you’re at with your water consumption is definitely a game-changer, as it not only motivates you to keep drinking but also keeps you accountable.


Buy It! HydroMate Motivational Gallon Water Bottle, $19.98 (orig. $21.95);

Tons of Amazon shoppers say the Hydromate bottle completely changed the way they feel about their H2O consumption. “I am usually so horrible with drinking water throughout the day, but I bought this and I am now a pro,” wrote one customer. “I drink one of these a day and I feel so much better. It really does make it so much easier to get water down.”

The motivational time markers aren’t the only standout feature on this Teigen-loved bottle. Shoppers can’t stop raving about the practical handle and additional wrist strap that make it so easy to carry around with you, the sippable straw, and the leak-proof cap. It’s also BPA-free and simple to clean (though it’s not dishwasher safe).

If you’ve long struggled to drink enough water in a day — or just prefer to get up less to fill up your glass — this Teigen-loved bottle is sure to be your calling card. Shop it below.

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Buy It! HydroMate Motivational Half Gallon Water Bottle, $17.98 (orig. $29.95);

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