Christian Bale’s accent confuses British television viewers: ‘It’s weird hearing him speak in his real voice’

Jacob Stolworthy
Getty Images

Christian Bale confused TV viewers with his accent during an appearance on BBC Breakfast.

The actor, who was born in Wales, has a Cockney accent despite growing up in various locations across the UK, including Dorset, Bournemouth and Surrey.

Some viewers, though, couldn’t believe the Oscar-winning actor wasn’t from the US due to the fact he largely plays roles with an American accent.

Bale was promoting new film Le Mans ‘66 alongside co-star Matt Damon, and stole the show with his British accent, which some viewers thought was fake.

Many Twitter users revealed this was the first time they realised this was his real voice, with one saying it sounded “like an American doing a very bad British accent.”

Another user said he sounded like Tom Hardy in Peaky Blinders.

See the best responses below.

Bale was nominated for an Oscar earlier this year for his portrayal of former vice president Dick Cheney, whom the actor said branded him a “d***” following the release of Vice.

Le Mans ‘66, which is titled Ford v Ferrari in the US, is out in cinemas this Friday.

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