Christina On The Coast’s Christina Hall Is Teasing Another HGTV Spinoff And I Don’t Hate It

 christina hall on christina in the country
christina hall on christina in the country

Christina Hall has always been a fan of sharing her family’s going ons with her fans. This week, the Christina On The Coast star spent some time in New York City with her latest husband Josh Hall. The trip may have given her a little inspiration, as it seems she might have an idea for another spinoff. I certainly wouldn’t hate it.

A few months ago, Hall shared 'big goals' she has for her forties. Now, in a post on Instagram, she opened about the “work trip” she recently embarked on in the Big Apple. The popular HGTV host shared a pic of the sightseeing she and her husband  got to do along the way, but more importantly, she also teased a little spinoff she might potentially do down the line.

In and out in a New York Minute. Work trip, but also some fun. Best food, shopping and sightseeing we’ve had in awhile. People here have been very nice and welcoming. There is something about the East Coast, they keep it a little more real here... Hmmm, Christina in the City?! 🙋🏼‍♀️🤷🏼‍♀️. Never know... ❤️ 🍎

A lot of fans seemed enthusiastic about the idea, with some confirming they want to see Christina in the City and others throwing out additional ideas for even more spinoffs the TV host could potentially do.

  • Christina in the city and Christina in the French Alps please. ❤️😂❤️😂

  • Has a great ring to it. 'Christina in the City'. Love. ❤

  • Yes! Christina in the city or Christina on the East Coast! Bring it, please!

  • Christina come to Long Island.

  • Yes! Come to the Jersey Shore! You can call it Christina Coast to Coast!

I also don't hate the idea, either. Hall is known for her clean lines and neutral colors, but her looks have evolved over the years as design has changed and she's changed. You can clearly see it in earlier and later seasons of Flip or Flop. (Remember her phase of putting crystal chandeliers in bedrooms? Her own living room now has a fringe chandelier.) Expanding to new locations often leads to experimentation, and I'd love to see her set her sights further east.

Christina Hall is in the business of spinoffs. Christina On The Coast is actually a follow-up to the now-defunct series Flip or Flop a show that HGTV greenlighted after she and Tarek El Moussa split. It subsequently did so well that when she and her family bought property in Tennessee, it inspired another spinoff Christina In The Country. Ergo, heading to the East Coast for another round might actually be good for business. And Christina in the City does have a really nice ring to it.

Meanwhile, Christina On The Coast hit the 2023 TV schedule this summer, but new episodes of Christina In The Country are expected to begin airing in 2024 and her Coast version was renewed for Season 5 next year as well, too. Of course, if there are any new announcements before then, we'll be sure to keep you updated. Stay tuned, city slickers.